Talking Crops

High-Production Wheat: Where To Start

Growing high-production wheat in the Midsouth – especially on heavy clay – is possible. Here are thoughts from Wayne Dulaney, lead agronomist with Dulaney Seed in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and a farmer, himself, who has rethought approaches to growing wheat on heavy clay soils. This is part of an ongoing series. Recorded: July 2014.

Why Is My Wheat Turning Yellow?

With heavy rainfall this spring, plenty of wheat turned yellow in Florida. But it wasn’t just the rain that caused the problem in many cases, says David Wright, Florida Extension Agronomist. In this podcast he talks about the underlying reasons and why some fields went through all the rain and never drastically turned yellow.

Cotton: The Connection Between Potassium Shortages And Nematodes

Potassium deficiency in cotton may not necessarily hve anything to do with how much of this important nutrient you did or did not apply, notes David Wright, University of Florida Extension Agronomist. The underlying cause of the problem may well be restricted root development caused by nematodes.