Talking Crops

China’s Role in the Global Cotton Market – O.A. Cleveland

The rise of the middle class in China has caused the cost of labor to increase. As a response, Chinese cotton production leaders have explored new options in order keep the cost down. Meanwhile, global markets are having to adjust to the devaluation of China’s currency. In this Podcast cotton market analyst and Mississippi State…

Cotton Target Spot – Michael Mulvaney

Target spot in cotton has been found in Santa Rosa County Florida. The disease is relatively new to the southeast, so there has not been much luck with fungicide control. In this Podcast, University of Florida Cropping Systems Specialist Michael Mulvaney explains proper scouting and management for target spot in cotton, as well as the role climate…

Cotton: The Connection Between Potassium Shortages And Nematodes

Potassium deficiency in cotton may not necessarily hve anything to do with how much of this important nutrient you did or did not apply, notes David Wright, University of Florida Extension Agronomist. The underlying cause of the problem may well be restricted root development caused by nematodes.